McLaren F1 2016

Der neue McLaren F1 2016

McLaren F1 2016 Absolute Supersportwagen, deren Hersteller auch in der Königsklasse des Motorsport tätig sind, gibt es selten. Ein klangvoller Name dieser seltenen Spezies ist McLaren. Der englische Sportwagen-Hersteller stellt gerade seinen neuen McLaren F1 anlässlich des dort stattfindenden GP in Monaco vor. Augenfälligstes Merkmal am neuen McLaren F1: der Fahrer sitzt in der Mitte, Mitfahrer rechts und links von ihm.

McLaren F1 2016Mclaren – 7 gewonnene World Championtitel in den vergangenen 8 F1 Rennsaisons. Erfahrungen haben die Engländer also genug gesammelt, um im Rennsport erfolgreich zu sein. All diese Erfahrungen spiegeln sich auch im neuen McLaren F1 wieder.

Natürlich kann dieser Rennwagen mit Straßenzulassung auch abseits der Strecke, auf der Landstraße bewegt werden.

Die technischen Daten und Adaptionen aus der Formel 1 gebe ich nachstehend im Original in englischer Sprache wieder:


Reach adjustable foot pedals Customised controls
Ergonomic F1 Nardi steering wheel Gear change reverse-gear lockout
Right hand 6-speed manual gearchange Driver-selectable downforce control
Reach and rake adjustable steering column Wheel flipper horn and light flasher switches
Forward sited central driving seat Driver subsidiary information screen
High-clarity analogue instrumentation High-level internal and external rearview mirrors
EQUIPMENT Armrest structural seat location beams each side
One centreline front driving seat Computerised fault warning system
Two offset rear passenger seats F1 style full restraint harnesses
Space saving, dry opening ‘Dihedral’ doors ELECTRONICS
Connolly Soft Assisted Aniline upholstery TAG Electronics engine management system
Total area fixed glass heating and demist TAG Electronics onboard data acquisition
Purpose designed 10 CD autochanger Service accessible electronic data logging
8 cubic feet cool, fume-free luggage space External landline down-load linkage

for factory diagnosis

Tailored luggage to match
Gas-strut assisted door opening High capacity electrical system
Security transmission lock Remote battery charging point
Facom titanium lightweight tool kit SAFETY
AERODYNAMICS Laminated, heated glass
Fan assisted boundary layer control Central racing fuel cell
Automatic Brake and Balance ‘Foil F1 survival cell
Full ground effects underbody Full driver harness
Automatic brake cooling on demand Safety steering
High efficiency cooling ducts Safety handling
Windscreen deflector ‘foil Safety braking
Idling radiator hot air vents Integrated roll-over structure
Driver-adjustable downforce control Passive safety side intrusion barriers
STRUCTURE Passive safety front and

rear crash structures

Integrated roof moulding
Chassis load bearing engine mounting ENGINE
Chassis load bearing transaxle mounting Aluminium flywheel
Full carbon ‘side intrusion’ doors and sills Carbon clutch
Integrated airbox/rollover protection 48 valve cylinder heads
Full monocoque moulded carbon ‘crash beams’ Variable inlet valve timing
CHASSIS Offset space-saving final drive
Advanced ‘ISA’ rear suspension geometry F1 style high level intake engine airbox
Full carbon composite moulded manufacture Water-oil cooling heat exchanger system
Formula One style protective Jabroe grounding plates Purpose designed and made 6.1 litre V12
Competition-derived multi-vented brake discs ‘Get you home’ emergency management system
Advanced concept ‘GPSC’ front suspension geometry Lightweight Inconel silencer box/rear crash structure
Purpose designed high-performance tyres High-performance full dry-sump lubrication
Race-bred specially designed

magnesium lightweight wheels

Super compact 6-speed transverse gearbox
Weight saving magnesium castings
F1 Monobloc brake callipers Four overhead camshafts


Length 4,288mm (168.8 inches)
Width 1,820mm (71.6 inches)
Height 1140mm (44.8 inches)
Ground clearance 120mm (4.7 inches)
Wheelbase 2718mm (107.0 inches)
Front track 1568mm (61.7 inches)
Rear track 1472mm (57.9 inches)
Dry weight 1,018kg (2,244lbs)


  • Type number S 70/2
  • Configuration V12
  • V-angle 60-degrees
  • Displacement 6,064cc (369.9 cubic inches)
  • Bore / Stroke 86.00mm (3.38 inches) / 87.00mm (3.42 inches)
  • Compression ratio 10.5:1
  • Ignition system Transistorized system with 12 individual coils
  • Induction system 12 single throttle valves, carbon fibre airbox
  • Valve train Chain-driven double overhead camshaft with continuously
  • variable inlet valve timing
  • Engine block Cast aluminium 60-degree V12
  • Cylinder heads 4 valves per cylinder, cast aluminium alloy
  • Flywheel Aluminium
  • Cam carriers / cover Cast magnesium
  • Exhaust emission control Four catalytic converters with ‘Lambda’ sensors, secondary air
  • injection
  • Alternator 160 amp
  • Lubrication system Dry sump, magnesium casting – with four scavenge pumps
  • and one pressure pump
  • Fuel 95-98 RON unleaded
  • Oil Shell TMO synthetic 5W40
  • Power Over 404 kilowatts (550 horsepower) @ 7,000rpm
  • Torque Over 600Nm between 4,000-7,000rpm
  • Maximum rpm 7,500

Twin aluminium water radiators and oil / water heat exchanger

Safety fuel cell with in-tank high pressure pump


12 volt system with high capacity battery and 160 amp alternator
Chassis ECU
Engine ECU
DC / DC converter for heated glass


Front suspension Double wishbones, GPSC subframes, light alloy dampers / co-axial coil-springs, anti-rollbar
Rear suspension Double wishbones, ISA mounting system, light alloy dampers /co-axial coil-springs, toe-in / toe-out control links


Transverse unit with high speed bevel gears and spur final drive
All-synchro constant-mesh 6-speed
Limited slip final drive differential
Magnesium case
Air / oil radiator – pumped lubication system


AP triple plate carbon / carbon: 200mm (7.87 inch) diameter
Remote actuation (hydraulic)


Rack and pinion
Lock to lock 2.5 turns
Turning circle 12.6 metres (41 feet 4 inches)


Magnesium 431.8mm (17 inch) diameter
Front 228.6mm (9 inches) wide
Rear 292.1mm (11.5 inches) wide
Centre lock with retaining pin


Front 235/45 ZR17
Rear 315/45 ZR17


Front 332mm (13.07 inches) diameter x 32mm (1.26 inches) thick ventilated disc, 4 pot monobloc light alloy caliper
Rear 305mm (12.01 inches) diameter x 26mm (1.02 inches) thick ventilated disc, 4 pot monobloc light alloy caliper
Parking brake rear, mechanical, light alloy caliper
Brake and Balance ‘Foil Automatic – computerised control system
Brake cooling Automatic – computerised control system


Oil tank 6 litres (1.3 imperial gallon / 1.6 US gallon), aluminium construction
Fuel tank 85 litres (18.75 imperial gallon / 22.4 US gallon), safety fuel tank
Luggage 227 litres (8 cubic feet) – 3 occupants
283 litres (10 cubic feet) – 2 occupants

Und fragt nicht nach dem Preis, wer danach fragt, kann sich den McLaren F1 ohnehin nicht leisten.


(Fotos: McLaren/np)

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